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If you have told me I need money urgently, the Superb Bank offers its clients that have their salary or pension with the Payroll Loan entity.

When you go to apply for the Payroll Loan of the Superb Bank you should know that one of its main advantages is that it is open to financing all kinds of purposes, including typical consumption expenses.

Apply for a loan to finance the holidays

Apply for a loan to finance the holidays

Therefore, you can apply for a loan to finance the holidays of the whole family, a loan to pay taxes, to buy a car, a loan to make reforms in the home, to finance studies or for a business project.

And with this strategy that aims to reward the loyalty of its customers, the Superb Bank offers a loan of up to 60,000 euros. In addition, whatever the amount requested, the maximum repayment term is 8 years.

The interest rate can be fixed rate or variable rate, whose fees will be paid monthly. Although the bank does not determine the interest rate on its website, we can take the SB Loan as an example.

This type of loan offers a credit of up to 5,000 euros to be repaid over a period of 10 months, for which the fixed interest rate or APR is 7.85%. This loan has an opening commission of 2%.

In addition, customers with the domiciled fee can choose another type of financing. The Superb Bank also offers the possibility of requesting a Preferential Advance Loan, with which up to 9,000 euros can be requested and whose repayment term is up to 9 months.

Conditions and how the SB Payroll Loans works

Conditions and how the SB Payroll Loans works

If you are without an endorsement, you can use this Payroll Loan from SB, as it is exclusively intended for clients who have their payroll or their pension with the entity.

The entity offers preferential conditions to its customers to reward their loyalty, so the amount of the fees will be determined based on the money requested.

Among the advantages offered by the entity is that of not having to give any kind of explanations at the time of formalizing the loan. In addition, among the preferred conditions for SB customers, we find that it is not necessary to contract other related products.

In the event that you are with Asnef or enrolled in any other delinquency list for having unpaid debts, you should know that the processing of the Payroll Loan is conditioned to the financial characteristics of each client. So in each case the entity will assess the degree of solvency before granting the loan.