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Business loans are experiencing a marked boom in recent months in Spain. This is because people want to work on what they like, they do not want a work contract with a company for fear of being fired at any time and prefer to create their own security.

Surely, business loans have become the best financing alternative for a project to go ahead. Thanks to the financial amount offered by private entities such as Densi you can promote the product, create campaigns and start moving it before renting a space. In fact, many projects are online, so you will not need to invest in a fixed location.

Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about loans for a business quickly and easily. In five minutes you will be an expert!
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Loans for entrepreneurs, what are they for?

Loans for entrepreneurs, what are they for?

Loans for entrepreneurs are financial transactions in which an entity as Densi, provides an economical amount a person or company. In return, the borrowing party must return the money within the established time frame together with the interest rate established in the agreement. By being characterized as being for ” entrepreneurs “, this means that all people who are starting a new life project can access it.

Now that we know what are the loans for entrepreneurs, let’s see what they can be used specifically:


Densi online loans are ideal to fund marketing campaigns. Nowadays, it is essential to hire a good community manager or have experience in social networks so that the company can move forward.
However, another recommendation we make is to contact influencers to talk about your services or products. In most cases, you will have to invest money in them to promote yourself. This is very beneficial because they usually have a large number of followers who will start to be interested in your project.

Self-employed quota

The loans for entrepreneurs are ideal to start paying the obligatory installments. For example, the quota of freelancers, the school of psychologists, lawyers or the labor sector in which you find yourself, etc.

Additional costs

Also, keep in mind that during the first months you will travel a lot. This is because you will have to meet and present your project. That is, you will carry out the commercial work unless you can hire a person who is dedicated to this area. Therefore, you will have additional expenses: travel, gasoline, vehicle inspection, tolls…

Investment expenses

The credits for entrepreneurs serve for all the investment expenses you may need at first. For example, the website, the design of brochures, campaigns on social networks, liability insurance, etc.
Every project involves a series of investment expenses, even if they are minimal. This section also includes materials such as chairs, office tables, the computer, the camera, the speakers, the printer… Therefore, it is essential that you consider the acquisition of loans for SMEs with Densi.

Reasons why to invest in a business

Reasons why to invest in a business

First of all, we want to congratulate you if you are reading this article. If you have come this far, you are an entrepreneur and you have enough motivation to move on. We know that the national scenario is not the most promising to open a business, but we will give you a series of reasons that will help you move forward.

You manage your time

Financing for SMEs helps you manage your own time. You do not depend on other people, only on yourself. It is true that you will have to adapt to the temporary terms of the clients, but you will decide which projects to carry out and which ones will not.
You can decide when to work, in the mornings, afternoons, full day or departure. Even if you want to free some day during the week or continue with a project on your days off. You are your own boss!

Greater security

When a company goes bankrupt or has financial problems, its entire staff tremble for its future and its security. You will not have to go through this moment anymore. In addition, business credits will help you stay stable at first, the most difficult time!
Remember that all beginnings are hard, but after the first year everything will improve.

Creation of projects

You will create the projects that you are passionate about, the ones that you like and motivate. You will be able to dedicate your time to the business in which you really believe. You will not have to accept orders and follow the orders of your superiors. You will decide at all times what projects to follow, what to continue, to leave or to innovate.

You mark your limits and the way forward!

Types of loan to open a business

Types of loan to open a business

Non-repayable loans

Non-repayable loans are economic amounts that are made to companies or businesses that deserve special protection. They stand out for being grants or subsidies that the Government grants to try to reduce social inequalities in a country.

There are two main types of non-refundable loans. Capital loans, focusing on fund investments and loans to exploitation, focused on providing money to pay recurring expenses of a company.

It is a very good alternative, because it does not obligate to return the economic amount enjoyed. Although, they are the most difficult to obtain and practically in Spain, they are not granted.

Loans with repayment

The loans with repayment are the financial transactions with which we work in Densi. We do not put obstacles so that you can create your business and prosper with the project of your dreams. Quite the opposite.

We are always ready to offer you the best facilities to enjoy this new stage of your life. Thanks to Densi you can have up to 750 euros, to return comfortably in 30 days. Also, when you comply with this first process, the second time you can get a much larger amount.

At Densi we trust our clients and we want to offer you the best market opportunities to start your business. For that reason, we have the money you need to start your big dream. Contact NOW and forget about the worries!