Cyclo Modular Workstation mobile bike rack


When buying a bike rack, you usually make your choice based on price or mounting option. BikeRadar recently took a look at the Cyclo Modular Stand, a portable work stand with lots of interchangeable options. We have now had time to do a full test.

The stand includes a collapsible base and a clamp head. Setup is extremely quick, thanks to a plastic lever that locks both base legs in place. The rack provides reasonable stability if the bike is held at a proper angle, but placing the bike at an unusual upward angle can make the rack unevenly heavy and cause it to tip over.

A large, quick-release lever provides an adjustable working height of up to 140cm.

Grabbing the bike in the clamp (and releasing it) is a two-step affair. To tighten, the clamp must first be closed by hand, then the long side lever creates a clamping force. Undoing this long handle releases tension from the clamp, and there is a button on the opposite side to allow the final release to quickly open the jaws to the full width.

The easy-to-use gripper lever does not provide the same user control as a rotary knob gripper. The clamp is secured without death gripping the item and can be used safely on a carbon seat post. We don’t recommend attaching a lightweight frame to it, but it’s something you should never do anyway.

Strong quick-release levers ensure easy adjustment on the modular bike stand:
David Rome / Future Editions

Strong quick release levers ensure easy adjustment on the Cyclo Modular mount

The clamp works well, but we think the plastic lever could have been made more solidly. The function of the stand remained reliable, but the cracking noise from the clamp was disconcerting. It also took a fair amount of force to operate the long lever at times.

The clamping angle adjustment is done with the rear plastic lever – a toothed design ensures that the clamping angle will not change when locked, but limits the adjustment.

The opening width of the clamp could be the biggest limitation of this holder. It measures 68mm at most, almost 30mm shorter than common Park Tool pliers. Large tube profiles, such as those on high-end triathlon bikes, won’t fit into the Cyclo clamp, but we had no issues fitting more common-sized carbon aero seatposts into the clamp.

The clamp head is easily removed with a quick release lever, but is not foldable, so the 5.45kg rack is not the smallest mount for traveling, although it is not too inconvenient.

The modular design is a real plus. It allows you to move the clamp head to one of the many other mounting options. For a specialized home mechanic, this could be a cost effective way to have a more stable workstation at home, with an option that is easily portable for the day of the event.

While we have reservations about the versatility and durability of the gripper in professional use, it is a feature-rich consumer option at a respectable price – the lifetime warranty doesn’t make any difference. bad either.

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