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Operating his bicycle repair shop in an 800 square foot space on the US 31-W bypass doesn’t make Ryan Pattee a big wheel in the business world, but it does make him a pretty big cog in Bowling Green in full growth. cycling community.

Opened in March, Pattee’s Catalina Bike Shop at 520 US 31-W By-Pass has already hit a high gear as it builds on the momentum of cycling in the city.

“Business has definitely picked up,” Pattee said Wednesday as he stood in his store amid more than a dozen mostly older bikes he had repaired for customers. “Just having visibility on the bypass is greater than I imagined.”

Pattee does repairs, restores and sales in his store, building on a business he started at home.

But this is not your typical bicycle store.

As vintage bikes like a 1967 Columbia tandem model demonstrate, Pattee doesn’t ride in the type of high-end two-wheeled transport you’ll see at the Tour de France.

“I wanted to open a store that would take used bikes and family bikes and fix them,” Pattee said. “If you have a comfortable frame and seat, I can do whatever you want with it. “

A lifelong cyclist, Pattee named his business after one of his favorite bikes, a 1984 Huffy Catalina, and now he wants to meet the needs of families and recreational cyclists who are very similar to him.

“As a kid, I always rode my bike and repaired my own bikes,” he said. “I was always tinkering. The affair started innocently enough. I had friends who wanted bike repairs so I did it next door for years.

Pattee, a native of Florida who moved to Bowling Green in 2008, traveled to Portland, Oregon, and Seattle to learn about these bike-friendly cities.

He briefly worked as the chief fleet mechanic for the VeoRide bike-sharing program at Western Kentucky University, but cycling was mostly a hobby for Pattee until recent years.

He was still gravestone engraving for Enterprise Monument Lettering when he started his business Catalina from his home in 2017. He has seen it grow alongside the expansion of the cycling hobby locally.

“I feel like cycling is growing in Bowling Green,” he said.

Pattee served as Chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Cyclists and Pedestrians Advisory Committee and helped establish a Potter Gray Elementary School Youth Cycling Club.

Through her new business, Pattee also started community bike rides on Sunday afternoons at Kereiakes Park.

“We have four to ten mile routes that families can walk together,” he said. “We did four or five. I would like the rides to start in other parks as a way to help cycling develop.

Pattee’s advocacy for cycling, including his support for the Bowling Green League of Bicyclists and the Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, aligns with the goals of the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

“Both Catalina Bicycle Shop and Howard’s Bicycle Shop have been useful advocates for cycling in Bowling Green,” said Karissa Lemon, MPO coordinator. “Ryan’s mission is to build a greater community of cyclists.

“It’s kind of aimed at the average citizen who wants to ride a bike. I appreciate that.

Lemon said the work of the Bike-Pedestrian Advisory Committee has led to the development of a dedicated bike path on State Street and plans for similar lanes on Adams and Kentucky streets.

Making Bowling Green more bike friendly is exactly what Pattee is hoping for as he sets out to grow his business.

A fairly serious cyclist who has cycled up to 1,000 miles per month on the five bikes he owns and who is known for his bike trips in several states, Pattee has picked up his own mileage as he and his wife Shannon raising their three children and he’s trying to get his business out of its infancy.

Already he has planned for local artist Andee Rudloff to paint one of his company’s bike-themed walls, a sign that Catalina Bicycle Shop could be there for the long haul.

“I would love to keep doing this for as long as possible,” said Pattee.

– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit bgdailynews.com.

– Follow business reporter Don Sergent on Twitter @BGDNbusiness or visit bgdailynews.com.

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