Guy Spots “Lost In Woods” Delivery Robot in the UK

But, as the saying goes, not all wandering robots are lost.

McCormack admitted he took a bit of artistic license in referring to the robot as being “lost in the woods”.

The nature reserve is surrounded by houses. McCormack suspected the robot was just taking a scenic shortcut to complete a delivery.

Since November 2020, robots belonging to the company Starship Technologies have been in Northampton, where they make grocery deliveries for the Co-op supermarket chain.

Indeed, Henry Harris-Burland, vice president of marketing for Starship, confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the robot is simply doing its job.

“We appreciate everyone’s concern about our delivery bots, but this bot isn’t lost, it’s on a delivery to a customer,” Harris-Burland said in an email. “Our robots can traverse a variety of terrains and take the safest and most efficient route possible on each of the 10,000 to 15,000 autonomous deliveries they make daily. In this case, this route proved to be a cobbled path through a wooded area in Northampton, UK.

So, perhaps in the midst of a pandemic and the endless crush of our modern existence, we were all projecting onto the robot a bit.

Maybe we were jealous or just inspired to free ourselves from our tiring jobs and get back to nature.

Maybe we just wanted live – really feel alive.

And although the robot does not live, that does not mean that we cannot learn from its example.

Because, as Starship Technologies responded to McCormack’s tweet, every day can be an adventure.

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