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Collective loans, which they are usually called, are only becoming more popular in Sweden. Today, collateral loans are the most popular loan form in Sweden. Not Blank loans , not Swish loans, but they are collateral loans most Swedes apply for today. Futher reading at

This post will answer this question very briefly and well, as well as direct you to the right lenders who can help you on the pile.

Collecting loans is not difficult at all. It works the same way as applying for any loan. The difference is that you pay off your previous loans and then you start repaying a new loan. That’s basically how it works. So how does everything work? Yes, that’s how it goes.

How to apply for a mortgage loan?

How to apply for a mortgage loan?

The first thing you should do is apply for a mortgage loan . Collateral loans come in many forms. The smartest thing you can do is contact lenders who offer collateral loans and continue the dialogue with them. Lenders know how to best help you. What you need to do first is find lenders that offer mortgage loans. You can do this by clicking the button below.

Once you find a lender you find interesting – call them. Ask them how mortgage loans work and what you need to do to collect your loans from this lender. Ask about the monthly cost and how much you will have to pay. The lender will guide you. Soon you will have all your loans collected from this lender and they will tell you how to go about paying off the other loans.

How Do Collective Loans Work?


Collateral loans work very logically. You borrow money from a lender offering collateral loans, and with this loan you pay off your other loans that you have with all other lenders. For example, if you currently have 4 loans from 4 different lenders, where all loans are USD 10,000 each, ie USD 40,000 in total loans, then you apply for a collective loan of 40,000 from a lender. These 40,000 you use to pay off your 4 loans, after which you only repay the USD 40,000 you borrowed. Surely it’s smooth?

The question most people who want to collect their loans usually ask is how to go about it.


Lenders offering mortgages also usually offer interest rates that are totally cheaper than the interest rate you have if you add all your other loans. For example, you have 4 loans so maybe these 4 loans cost more than if you had only had 1 loan from a lender.

You should discuss this with your lender to collect your loans with. Consult with them and see how much everything had cost. Let them guide you and collect your loans today and you will see that you will save your money very quickly.