Urban Drivestyle and SNIPES Collab Launch Two Limited Edition Electric Bikes

German e-mobility company Urban Drivestyle is known for its unique, handcrafted e-bikes. Unlike your regular e-bikes, Urban Drivestyle’s creations feature unique styling and a fun-centric character. Founded by Ossian Vogel, Urban Drivestyle caters to the e-mobility enthusiast market and has all of its products developed and manufactured in its in-house factory in Berlin.

In order to offer an even more unique range of products, Urban Drivestyle has teamed up with a fashion outlet that has gained popularity across Europe. SNIPES is one of the largest retailers of sneakers and streetwear across Europe, and has made its presence felt in various genres of pop culture ranging from urban dance, basketball, BMX and skating. SNIPES prides itself on its contemporary lifestyle and fits perfectly with the chic and fun character of Urban Drivestyle. To celebrate this partnership, Urban Drivestyle is releasing a pair of e-bikes that capitalize on the youthful energy of SNIPES.

The first of two bikes is the UDX SNIPES edition. Retailing for 2,290 Euros, or the equivalent of 2,473 USD, the UDX is Urban Drivestyle’s modern take on a full-suspension electric BMX bike, but this time, packed with technology. Of course, since this machine has put on quite a few pounds, don’t expect to do as many tricks as you would with a conventional BMX. Still, what the UDX lacks in agility, it makes up for in practicality.

The UDX rolls on chunky 20 x 4-inch tires making it a comfortable e-bike, even over rough, rough terrain, while the rear suspension system further absorbs bumps and the occasional bunny hop. It is powered by a 250W hub motor which propels it to a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour (16 miles per hour). As for styling, its eye-catching orange pattern gives the bike unmistakable branding while its lithium-ion battery sits just above the downtube, maintaining the bike’s distinctly clean aesthetic.

The UNI MK SNIPES edition is the second bike offered, and it is an e-bike more focused on the urban lifestyle. It turns heads with its chic, retro styling, while its long, roomy seat is able to accommodate two-up riding. It’s equipped with a unique multi-rack system that allows you to mount a variety of luggage options and accessories, and can even be configured specifically for cargo hauling. It fetches more of a premium over the UDX, however, at 2,990 Euros, the equivalent of $3,229 USD.

Urban Drivestyle and SNIPES Collab Launch Two Limited Edition Electric Bikes
Urban Drivestyle and SNIPES Collab Launch Two Limited Edition Electric Bikes

Commenting on the collaboration between the two lifestyle brands, Matthias Schübbe, Marketing Manager at SNIPES, said: “We want to be part of the urban lifestyle of our community. And it goes beyond sneakers and clothes. With the collaboration with Urban Drivestyle, we are now also meeting the mobility needs of our community for the first time. The cooperation is therefore an important step for us in order to bring existing and new target groups closer to the SNIPES lifestyle and at the same time to show that we are further diversifying our product range and consciously stepping into unconventional territory for us.

Take a look at the Urban Drivestyle UDX and UNI MK SNIPES editions in the photo gallery below.

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